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Our Story

APACGULF is the formalization of many years of ad hoc executive level advisory between Directors Mitchell Pham & Leigh Flounders, who have both exited successful technology companies.
Having seen Australasia become recognized as a trustworthy innovation hub it became evident that there was significant international appetite to consume boutique “trust based consultancy” out of the APAC region.
Furthermore, with both Mitchell & Leigh being involved in cross borer governmental & commercial interactions between the Gulf & APAC regions, it became clear that there was an opportunity to bridge the “cultural commerce” gap between these two powerhouse trading regions.
The naming of their boutique consulting services as APACGULF was a natural choice, having worked extensively across many complex geopolitical, economic and cultural jurisdictions over the last decade, including Vietnam, China, Thailand, Singapore, HongKong, USA, UAE, Switzerland, Egypt, Saudi, UK and Italy to name a few.

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